Hard Drive Data Destruction Service


      Our hard drive destruction service is the most comprehensive data destruction service in the industry.  Our secure and regulatory compliant hard drive destruction process to help you comply with stringent data destruction guidelines Our hard drive destruction process includes recording, destroying data, and reporting. You don’t need to guess if the data is recoverable.



Data Destruction


     Our technicians delete your data where it will never come back by writing zeros to each hard drive sector multiple times. Our hard drive data destruction process includes recording, destroying data, and reporting. You don’t need to guess if the data is recoverable.


Certificate of Destruction

     We provide a detailed Certificate of Destruction which is critical documentation for any hard drive destruction project.  Data privacy laws and information destruction guidelines require verification and proof of data destruction.  We can provide a secure and verifiable chain-of-custody to help accomplish both by; recording serial numbers for each hard drive, deleting data by writing zeros or physically shredding hard drives and/or backup tapes. We can issue a detailed Certificate of Destruction.  A good example of this requirement can be found in the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Content Security Guidelines.


Computer Recycling

     We offer computer recycling and IT Asset Disposal as part of its hard drive destruction services.  We provide end-to-end services including the removal of equipment from your offices and transporting to the recycling facility.


     Combining your computer recycling and hard drive destruction projects with one vendor has proven to be the most efficient and least expensive option when it comes to an IT refresh project.  E-Waste Security is able to bring in a big enough team to remove your old computer equipment while securely shredding your hard drives.


     Electronic Recycling Facts:  In 2016, the United States generated 42 pounds of electronic waste per person.  The recycling rate was only 39.8%.  We believe a large portion of that e-waste is gathering dust on offices because businesses don’t know what to do with it.  We are here to help increase the overall recycling rate.


Computer Consulting

     We do offer services of upgrading your existing equipment and migrating your data over to the new machines. Sometimes this can get quite complex we suggest scheduling a in office meeting to go over your current setup and specs. From there we can develop a strategy and look at upgrades and replacement of dated equipment. We do these projects efficiently by using imaging servers to drop new images on each machine to automate the process.